Interesting Facts About Final Fantasy

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FINAL FANTASY is a far-reaching series of role-playing games created through the collaboration of many talented artists, designers, and composers. Since its first release more than 30 years ago, FINAL FANTASY has become a global phenomenon. As of May 2011, more than 100 million copies had been sold worldwide.

The last game in the series was Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2020. I’m fascinated by the franchise. Take a look at these awesome FINAL FANTASY facts I’ve discovered over the years.

1. The first FINAL FANTASY game was released in 1987. It was called FINAL FANTASY. That means there are 30 years worth of FINAL FANTASY games! Final Fantasy was first released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), more commonly known as the Nintendo.

2. "Final Fantasy IV" was released in 1991. The game was first known in North America as Final Fantasy II, since the second and third parts were not released outside of Japan at the time, but subsequent localizations returned the numbering to the original form.

3. "Final Fantasy V" was released in 1992. It was the first game in the series to feature a "Job System," allowing players to freely change the characters' classes. It also features the first appearance of an airship for transportation purposes.

4. The word "Final" appears in almost all titles of the series, but the only game where it's actually the final game in the series is the newest one.

5. The series consists of numerous sub-series, called “Compilation of Final Fantasy,” which are based on different worlds. There are also numerous films and animated films that take place in the “Final Fantasy” world.


The FINAL FANTASY series is known for its deep storylines, memorable characters, and rich worlds. However, when reviewing the series, I can personally say that I was surprised to learn how much of the series I had missed. There are so many games in the series that I only really knew about two or three in detail, and I had to do a bit of research in order to get the facts straight. I didn’t realize how long the series had been running, and I honestly had no idea how much it had changed over the years.

The games are known for their high quality, and I personally think it’s great that the series has been able to stay relevant for so long. There are tons of different types of games in the series, and even though it has been around for nearly 30 years, the series is still going strong. There are many new games in the series being released all the time, and the series has even branched out to other platforms. This is not something that many video game franchises can say, and I think it’s pretty impressive that the series has been able to survive for so long.

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